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Rise is a beautifully simple alarm app. It's a work of art that wakes you up.

No annoying clutter. Reach out and move the interface; Set it and get some sleep.

Not your typical alarm clock sounds: Wake up in the woods or on a dance floor, or pick a song from your iTunes collection.

Dock it and stare at the beautiful, large clock all day or night. Chose from multiple backgrounds (portrait or landscape)

Add the simple Alarm Control Center and make custom alarm labels to keep your wake-up times organized (with In App Purchase).

From the lock screen: Shake it like a Polaroid picture to snooze or turn off the alarm. So easy to snooze a few more precious minutes.

Let SleepTunes help you fall (asleep) by making a sleepy time playlist with a shut-off timer. Relax while Rise takes you to Snoozeville.

Easy to use.
A beautiful and focused alarm clock. Nothing more. Nothing less.
Full settings.
Quickly access all the smart settings you'll need.
Set it. Forget it.
Slide up the settings panel to customize your wake-up.
Stop counting sheep.
Use Sleep Tunes to make a playlist from iTunes to help you get sleepy.
Get your sleep on.
It's fun to turn on your alarm. Just pull left or right.
Repeatable alarms.
Create as many alarms as you need and easily manage them all.
Take control.
Label your alarm names to easily find... or delete them.

One of the most talked about alarm clocks out there.